Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Finally Working with my Table Loom

 I bought a Table Loom a few months ago but never had the oppotunity to use it. When I bought it I didnt realise what it was like till i got it home from Scotland. This Loom was a well loved Harris Loom, there for it needed some new parts and some tlc for what i wanted it for. After buying new heddles, reed and giving it a good wax I was able to use it to weave fine cloths on the go.

This is my Harris Table Loom in working order

The warp on the loom in the photo above was a dog tooth in red and navy. I wanted to start to create cloth based on heritage cloths which i feel i have achieved. The cloth is unisex so can be used for a varriety of products and customers. Bronze purse frames work well with this cloth as seen in the photograph below

A variety of Products in Heritage Style Cloth - Purses and Glasses Case's

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Unisex/ Mens Scarves

As it is starting to get colder again, I thought it was fair that men could also wear a Laura Parkin Handwoven Designs Scarf. I have woven a few but i am thinking about weaving more ... maybe a checked scarf suitable for a man? I think these would look great as a casual piece or with a suit Jacket.