Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tying a Scarf: A Scarf with a Personal Touch

As everyone knows it is now Autumn and the weather is taking a change, Time to get out your scarves or treat yourself to a new one. I am back to wearing my scarves again but i always wear them in the same way until i come across the Knot Library on I love this site for styling ideas for scaves.

Here are my personal favorite styles:

Pinned Image

My personal challenge is EVERY TIME I wear a scarf  I aim to give it some extra personality :)

Special Christmas Offer

I am letting everyone know in advance, in November onwards i will be having a special christmas offer


Stocking fillers will be on display, offer is not valid in retail outlets

Monday, 15 October 2012

New Purse Design

I love this purse frames!! and so do you guys :) just to let you know i will be make more of them.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

After care of scaves

Once you have more than one scarf you may need to think of some ways to organise them to keeping them from damage and wrinkle free.

Remember to wash your scarves before storage to save from damage. Keep your scarves away from direct sunlight to protect bright colours from fading.

Why not think about these storage ideas:

    Scarf Draw/ Tub

scarf drawer storage

     You can fold and stack them, roll and stack them

     Hanging on a Coat Hanger

scarf hanger

Drape them over a coat hanger. If you think they will fall you can tie them in a knot also

       Use as Room Decoration

       Why not drape a scarf over a chair or even a base of a bed.