Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Weaving Guidance: Making a Warp with a Warping Mill

I again sorry for the gap in posts but I am back :).

Today I am talking about warps. I like to think that the warp is like a back bone of the fabric. It is the yarn that is measured out and threaded through the loom. These threads are threaded though the headles, the action of lifting and lowering the headles allows the weaver to create different structures (patterns) in the finished cloth.

Too start weaving everyone knows you must make a warp, people make them in different ways but I personally like to use a warping mill, others like to use a warping board. With a warping milling it is easer to make longer warps with easy and speed.

You must measure out how long and wide you wish your warp to be, i normally go for 14" x 36ft, and make sure you know your epi. Remember when measuring a bundle is half an inch so it is half your epi.  Once you have measured your length you carry on turning the warping mill, making a figure of eight at the top and bottom (this is your cross for your cross sticks). Having a cross keeps the order of yarn when you are threading.  Once you have warped to your desired sizes, tie off top, bottom, crosses and bundles. Remove from warping mill and chain for storage.

A few top tips

  • Take it slow 
  • Have something or someone to hold onto your cone of yarn so you can have a smooth action
  • Double check your bundles
  • Always check and tie of your lease (the loop) at the end as it helps you to attach the warp to the apron of the back beam
  • Tie of the yarn that holds your bundles and crosses
  • Add extra ties around the warp to stop tangles and knots
  • Remember to chain your warp to also help with tangles 
  • And ENJOY you are on your way to weaving cloth.
and  you could also look at these youtube videos for ideas 

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