Thursday, 28 March 2013

Working with florals as colour inspration

I am now working with Florals as inspiration for a colour palette for my warp / final woven cloths. From these I will be making my accessories. These accessories maybe 

  • Kiss Clasp Coin Purses
  • Zipped Make Up Bags with Tassel Detail 
  • Glasses Cases with Hand Covered Button Detail
  • Mini Handbag with Cross Body Chain
  • Twisted Fringe Scarves
  • Infinity Scarves
  • Ipad Covers
  • Kindel Covers
  • Large Button Style Earrings
  • Tiny Button Style Earrings
  • Button Style Rings
  • Button Style Hairbands
  • Button Style Hairgrips

Most accessories will include a 'Laura Parkin' woven label and decorative price tag.

Here is a selection of products based upon the 'Forget Me Not' colour palette.

I plan to have six mini collections based upon floral colours, these will be: 'Forget Me Not', 'Hydrangea', 'Iris', 'Gerbera', 'Freesia' and 'Peony'


  1. After looking through your store, I love the way you interpret the colors in nature. It's a little retro, but in an elegant, subtle way—pretty much the style I aspire to.

    Some of us on Kollabora, the online crafters' community I'm part of, have gotten curious about handweaving lately and are looking for inspiration. If you're interested, you should consider checking out the site! I'd be really excited to see your work over there.

    1. Thankyou Very Much I will have to check you guys out :) x